Kevin Feige Says Spider-Man: Far From Home Sequel Will Be Something We’ve Never Seen


So, I went and saw that Spider-Man: Far From Home this weekend, ironically in a theater not very far from my own home, and I had a nice time. Seeing Peter make dick jokes and become Tony Stark Jr. was a cute way to spend my Friday night. However, with that whopper of a post-credits scene, with J.K. Simmons’ J.J. Jameson exposing Spider-Man’s secret identity via a final video message from Mysterio, where’s the web-head to go next?

Well, according to Marvel King Kevin Feige, we’re all going in a new direction, and we’re gonna get to see a Spider-movie that hasn’t been seen before. During a sit-down with the folks over at Fandango, when asked about the significance of that post-credits scene and how it will affect the future of Spider-Man, Feige had this to say:

I think so. Much like the end of Iron Man, saying, okay, the rules have changed. Which now means we’re going to have to do something completely different next time. The how and the when and the specifics can change and evolve, but setting yourself up for something that has never been done before… at the end of Iron Man, it was a hero publicly outing himself so that in the next movies and all subsequent movies, we couldn’t fall back on the secret identity trope which had been part of Iron Man’s story for decades in the comics.

And now people know Peter’s identity. People now think he’s a villain, Mysterio plays one last trick on him and succeeds… [so that] means everything’s different. Where it goes, we’ll see. But it’s exciting that it once again sets us up for a Peter Parker story that has never been done before on film.

This could lead us down many roads. Remember when that guy asked Michael Keaton at the end of Homecoming if he knew who Spider-Man actually was? That guy was Mac Gargan, who, in the Spider-verse, becomes the Scorpion, a bank robber fused to a suit in an experiment gone wrong. He’s never been on the big screen before though, so that could be cool.

Kraven, Mister Negative, and Black Cat have all been absent from the silver screen, as well, so we have options. Feige could also be cheeky and take someone we’ve seen before, like Doctor Otto Octavious or Electro, and just do them with a twist. Honestly, I’m down for whatever.

While I think Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 was better than this Spider-Man 2, there’s no doubt that Mysterio’s misadventures proved an entertaining couple of hours. I did ask myself why this couldn’t kick off Phase 4 instead of ending 3, but I digress.

What did you think of Spider-Man: Far From Home, though? Did those end credit scenes shock you, too? Do you also now have a crush on Zendaya? Tell us below!