Kevin Feige Tackles Rumors Of Daredevil Appearing In Marvel’s Black Widow Movie


Ever since Marvel’s standalone Black Widow movie was tentatively announced, a litany of big-name MCU characters have been linked with the embryonic prequel – Hawkeye, Captain America and Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier. But what about the Man Without Fear?

It’s no secret that Daredevil shared a romance with secret agent Natasha Romanoff in Marvel Comics, and Charlie Cox has already gone on record multiple times to reveal his desire to share the screen with Black Widow – be it a movie/TV crossover that involves Scarlett Johansson’s Avenger crossing over into the Netflix universe, or a film role for Cox’s Matt Murdock.

Alas, while he’s repeatedly stressed that an MCU crossover isn’t necessarily out of the question, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige recently weighed in on the rumors linking Charlie Cox’s vigilante with a starring role in Black Widow. And, well, let’s just say it’d be foolish to hold your breath.

There are a lot of potential characters that are among that list. That’s one I haven’t heard.

Granted, Feige doesn’t outright deny the possibility of Charlie Cox and ScarJo one day sharing the screen together, but the fact that their respective characters are yet to meet tells us that Marvel Studios will likely turn its attention elsewhere (read: Bucky Barnes, or Steve Rogers) when selecting Black Widow’s co-star. That’s assuming there even is room for another Avenger.

One thing’s for sure: after casting the net far and wide, it seems Marvel is now on the verge of announcing its director of choice for Black Widow. Which is just as well, given the standalone pic is said to be targeting a production start in 2019.