Kevin Feige Teases Emotional Scenes In Avengers: Infinity War


Even though the Marvel Cinematic Universe is certainly nothing new at this point, we still have much to look forward to over the next couple of years. Not only will we be treated to the studio’s first film to be headlined by a woman in the form of Captain Marvel, but we also have Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel on the horizon, which’ll serve as a finale of sorts to the sprawling story that began with the first Iron Man flick all the way back in 2008.

That being said, devout True Believers and general moviegoers alike are no doubt pondering what awaits in those blockbuster team-ups, regardless of whether or not Marvel Studios opts to do any more of them. We do know that Thanos will finally put his grand plan into action, and that pretty much every hero under the sun – and from around the cosmos – will have to unite in order to combat this threat unlike any other. But aside from that, details are scarce.

In a recent conversation with Collider though, Kevin Feige did drop a few hints. When asked what’s surprised him most so far about the hugely anticipated pic, he mentioned that he finds it all very emotional. Particularly in seeing certain characters interact with one another.

I don’t know if anything surprises me necessarily, but it is overwhelming. I guess what has surprised me is how emotional it all is. Every day, every dailies, every time an actor that has never interacted with a character comes in contact with a character they’ve never interacted with, it’s amazing. It’s both funny, it’s moving and just seeing all those people together in one spot is—you know me, I like to look ahead. I like to focus on, I’m already in Black Panther world, even though we’re talking about Ragnarok. We keep going.

Continuing on, the producer said that there’s something special about both Infinity War and its currently untitled sequel.

There is something very special about those movies that is happening everyday on set. It’s not just the crew that feels it, or me that feels it, it’s all the cast who are all mega-stars in their own right, yet feel privileged to be doing what they’re doing every day. Joe and Anthony handling it, two movies at the same time, in an unprecedented fashion.

Said to be packed to the rafters with scene-stealing chemistry and “intense surprises,” Avengers: Infinity War is now roughly six months away, while the fourth, so-far untitled Avengers film will follow it in May of 2019, by which point viewers will be acquainted with Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers and her ’90s-set origin story. March 8th, 2019 is the date for your diaries for that one.