Kevin Feige Teases Future Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe After Avengers: Infinity War


The size of the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be constantly expanding (this weekend, Doctor Strange and the concept of magic will be added to it), and while everyone will be coming together for Avengers: Infinity War, how do you possibly top that? We know a fourth Avengers movie is on the way, which will likely follow on from that, but what’s Phase 4 going to look like?

With Iron Man showing up in Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Hulk set to make his presence felt in Thor: Ragnarok, chances are we’ll see even more unexpected team-ups, and it’s that which Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige believes they’ll be focusing on rather than attempting to keep on topping what’s come before by getting bigger and bigger.

“I think it’s possible to have more intimate movies after that, or to have more interesting, unexpected combinations of characters after that, absolutely. It never is intentionally about ‘being even bigger.’ Arguably, one of the biggest scenes we’ve ever had in a movie was the airport battle in Civil War, and there weren’t world-ending stakes in that scene, there wasn’t an asteroid smashing into a city in that scene, but there was a conflict between the characters that made you feel something. To us, it’s less about continuing to go bigger with spectacle — although in some cases, we will — and more about continuing to go deeper with those character interactions.”

Given Marvel’s stellar track record, that’s actually a more exciting prospect than a fifth Avengers movie where everyone teams up to take on an even bigger threat than Thanos (if there is one). At least, in my opinion.

Speaking of Avengers: Infinity War though, talk then turned to what interactions Feige is most looking forward to seeing in the film. After all, a lot of heroes who have never crossed paths before will meet for the first time, but the one he – and probably an awful lot of fans – is most excited about is what happens when the Armoured Avenger meets the Sorcerer Supreme.

“There are so many, but I would say, both because of the characters and the actors who’ve created them, Doctor Strange and Tony Stark. Particularly in Infinity War and the movie after that, there are … unexpected team-ups.”

What will those be, exactly? Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait and see for the time being. Still, we do now know of at least two heroes who will meet in Avengers: Infinity War, and it’s sure to be an encounter which may very well break social media (particularly Tumblr) when we get a first look at it going down.

Sherlock, meet Sherlock…