Kevin Feige Says He’s Waiting For The Call To Bring The X-Men Into The MCU


Despite the proposed acquisition of 21st Century Fox by The Walt Disney Company being “in more jeopardy than some may believe,“ president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, isn’t getting hung up on the rival bid offered by Comcast or antitrust concerns posing a significant threat to the amalgamation.

However, while the optimism currently being displayed by him is fueling fan chimera and selling tickets, working everyone into a frenzy – much like James Gunn did last month regarding a Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool crossover film – might not be in either’s best interest, as the merger could dissipate as quickly as it formed.

Nonetheless, although those well above his pay grade are making the decision, Kevin Feige was questioned at the 2018 Produced By Conference about the possibility of integrating the X-Men into the MCU, to which he responded: “I’m just waiting for a call saying yay or nay from people far above me…of course, it would be nice.”

Granted, Feige’s not brandishing the fusion as a weapon here, but the very notion of a crossover could be damaging, especially when considering how successful the shared cinematic universe has been without Fox’s IPs, let alone the fact that it might not happen at all.

Regardless, I can’t deny that I’m amongst those hoping to observe the mutant Fox brethren – Deadpool, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men – make their way into the multi-billion dollar franchise. Whether it ends up happening or not remains to be seen, but on the ground level, at least, Ryan Reynolds believes it’ll still be business as usual for his on-screen mercenary, regardless of how things shake out. And that’s probably the most reassuring thing of all, right?

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