Kevin Feige Reportedly Wants Spider-Gwen In 2 Major Marvel Movies


For those who don’t know, Kevin Feige is the one responsible for our favorite cinematic universe. He’s none other than the president of Marvel Studios and is the one who gives the green light to some of our favorite Marvel films. Being a big Marvel fan himself, Kevin Feige has said he wants to bring Spider-Gwen into the MCU as a featured role in two future projects; Spider-Man 4 and Spider-Woman.

Many people are familiar with the character of Gwen Stacy, who has been played by actresses such as Bryce Dallas Howard in Spider-Man 3 and Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man. But who is Spider-Gwen?

Audiences were introduced to Hailee Steinfeld voicing her in the animated movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. She’s also made appearances in other animated Marvel shows, being voiced by the likes of Laura Bailey, Emily Tennant, and Dove Cameron. Dove Cameron also just so happens to be a popular fan cast for the role.

Spider-Gwen is still Gwen Stacy, but from an alternate universe where she was bitten by the radioactive spider. So, much like Peter Parker, she’s living a double life as a superhero and a high school student. With No Way Home and The Multiverse of Madness coming out so soon, it would make perfect sense to introduce Gwen’s character now.

Spider-Gwen is from a different universe, but there’s also (likely) a Gwen Stacy in the current universe that the MCU is set in. With the introduction of multiverses and Kevin Feige’s wishes to bring Spider-Gwen into the next Spider-Man movie, she could be a great addition to the incredible characters we already have. Not to mention, it could potentially lead to Spider-Man eventually having to pass on the baton. After all, we did see in the comics Spider-Man dying in Gwen’s arms. Then again, in previous Spider-Man movies, Gwen has been used as a love interest, so the possibility of a love triangle is also possible.

As for the Spider-Woman movie, there are multiple iterations of the character. One of which being Gwen herself, which is more likely than a character from the main comic book timeline, considering Kevin Feige’s mention of Spider-Gwen and Spider-Woman together.

There’s a lot to learn about Gwen Stacy before she enters the MCU, and she’s an interesting character that could challenge Peter, MJ, and Ned. Are you excited to see her entrance into the Universe? How do you think Kevin Feige will introduce her? Do you even want to see her in the MCU?