Kevin James ready to enlist for ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’ 3

Paul Blart: Mall Cop first premiered in 2009, and the film was an instant hit with comedy fans. Kevin James played Blart, a mall cop who took his job entirely too seriously. Blart had big dreams of becoming a New Jersey State Police Officer, but his hypoglycemia caused him to faint during the big exam. 

Blart then took on a life of a Mall Cop at the West Orange Pavillion Mall, where he ensured the safety and security of mall-goers. The first film took us on our initial adventures with Paul Blart, and the second film saw a new escapade — this time in Las Vegas.

Undoubtedly, movie-goers would love to see more Paul Blart films, and James sounds like game to return for another installment. In a recent interview with ScreenRant, James didn’t hesitate to say that he’d love to take on the role of Paul Blart once again.

”Yeah. Well, we’ve got to work that one out. I would love that. I don’t know what the story is yet. But it was so much fun shooting in Vegas. That was a great time.”

Although James isn’t sure what the story would be just yet, the last film left room for exploration, since Blart had heart eyes for a mounted police officer. However, the movie wraps with Blart being kicked into the side of a car by her horse.

Fans would love to see a third film pick up right there, and of course, new levels of hijinks could be realized with a duo of hapless law officers.

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