Kevin Smith Will Address Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Script Rumors Tomorrow

Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes

It’s been a rough 12 months for our site writers who don’t like comic-book movies – the rumor mill for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has been churning practically non-stop for almost a year now. However, three days ago, one report surfaced that everyone on We Got This Covered raised an eyebrow at. A letter from a source deeply involved with the blockbuster, sent to MovieWeb, claimed that Warner Bros. had taken a rather deceptive publicity move by recruiting Kevin Smith to write a fake script for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Apparently, this was done in order to keep the actual story under wraps and keep press off the scent of what director Zack Snyder is actually doing. The source claims that “the vast majority of leaked information” about the film came from this fake script… and that most of it may not have any grounding in reality. That’s likely enough to make some DC Comics buffs’ heads explode. Of course, many have jumped online to state their belief that the fake script report is bogus in of itself – but just the idea is astounding enough to be worth considering. Luckily, Smith himself just revealed that he’s heard the rumors – and he’ll be happy to address them for us… tomorrow:

At least we’ll have answers soon. Hopefully what Smith gives us will be a firm denial of the fake script’s existence – otherwise Warner Bros. may have a fan revolt on its hands. If the studio did order a fake script, it was definitely a smart move. Media scrutiny on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has exceeded that of almost any film in recent memory, save for Star Wars: Episode VII.

We’ll find out tomorrow whether we’ve been wasting our time talking about a script that will never actually see a cinema screen.

Source: Twitter