Kevin Smith Adds MORE Cast Members To Mallrats 2


Talk of Mallrats 2 continues to escalate into further bouts of social media madness as director Kevin Smith has opted to use Twitter as a casting announcement tool. In the last couple of weeks, the status of the shopping-centric sequel has gone from non-existent to very much on Smith’s upcoming production slate. And of course, as the film falls within his very own View Askewniverse, he’s intent on roping in all of the main players from the 1995 caper to reprise their roles. Which is just plain brilliant.

So far, the returnees are: Jason Lee as Brodie Bruce, Shannen Doherty as Renee, Smith as Silent Bob, Jason Mewes as his mouthy buddy Jay, Ethan Suplee as Willam, Stan Lee as himself and Michael Rooker as the pretzel-eating Mr. Svenning.

Ready for more? Here’s Smith’s latest batch of confirmed recruits:

Count ’em up, folks. We’ve now got TS, Trish the Dish, Gwen and La Fours (!) all ready for another trek to the mall. In addition, Smith took to his Smodcast podcast to announce the return of producer Scott Mosier in the on-screen assistant role from the original movie. That still leaves two major names who have yet to confirm their appearances: Ben Affleck and Claire Forlani. If Smith keeps up the pace though, there’s bound to be images of them each giving two fingers to the camera for Mallrats 2 in the near future.