Kevin Smith Says That Clerks III Is Mostly Set At The Quick Stop


There is no bigger fanboy in Hollywood than Kevin Smith. He seems like a real sweetie, too, albeit sometimes maybe misguided or over-excited.

After his recent health scare, even more questions were ignited about the long-lingering Clerks III. It’s gone through various iterations and has taken years to get off the ground. However, over on Twitter, Smith at least confirmed where it’ll mostly be taking place: everyone’s favorite Quick Stop.

A fan tweeted out to Kevin stating his dislike of Clerks II and also pitched his own idea for the upcoming third sequel which, for some reason, included taking Dante and Randall to the airport. Smith, a notoriously active guy on Twitter, actually responded to the fan and said the following:

I’ll go ahead and say something brave: the first Clerks is very good. I think it captured a lot of the 90s angst and grunge without being too overtly stylistic. It’s easily Kevin Smith’s best movie. Clerks II? Well…I kind of agree with the guy from Twitter.

I actually very much enjoyed it my first time around, but when I watched it again with some friends, I was quickly corrected. I also feel like Smith hasn’t made a good movie since, well, the 1990s. He’s a nice dude, but Clerks III, no matter how/if/when it gets made, will probably go under the radar just as his previous few films have.

Still, it does have some good things going for it. Both actors for Randall and Dante are indeed coming back, with a major reason for the delay in production being Jeff Anderson, who plays the former, not wanting to do the movie. Plus, the film is going to be scored by GERARD WAY, My Chemical Romance’s lead singer. My little emo girl heart lit up at learning that, so that’s cool at least.

Honestly, I’m curious to see how Clerks III pans out, whenever it releases. I just hope it’s better than Jay And Silent Bob Reboot.