Kevin Smith “Wouldn’t Pass” On Directing The Flash Movie

There’s currently a lot of conflicting evidence flying around about who’s to direct DC’s The Flash. After several filmmakers exited the director’s chair, recent reports have stated that Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaughn and Sam Raimi are being considered to bring the Scarlet Speedster to the big screen. Now, however, one more director has thrown their hat into the ring.

Kevin Smith jokingly made his interest clear while re-Tweeting a news article about the movie on Twitter. Speaking about himself in the third person, Smith wrote: “I know of at least one Director who wouldn’t pass (But to be fair, he’s more of a “director” than a Director…)”.

We probably don’t have to tell you that Smith would get a lot of fan support if he did manage to nab the highly-coveted job. As well as being a professional DC fanboy and comic book writer, Smith has also directed several episodes of The CW’s Flash TV series. Not to mention he wrote the script for the ultimately un-produced Superman Lives movie from the 1990s.

Still, Smith’s history of indie flicks and television productions would probably keep him out the running for such a big budget project. It looks like he’s well aware of this, too, as he mention in his Tweet that he’s more “‘a director’ than a Director.”

Currently, it’s unknown who the top choice is to helm The Flash (though speculation points to Zemeckis), but we do know that the film will star Ezra Miller and Kiersey Clemons as the titular hero and his love interest Iris West, respectively. Billy Crudup was signed up to reprise the part of Barry’s father Henry Allen, a role he’ll play in Justice League, but he it’s unclear if he still remains attached, as recent reports point to him having dropped out.

Either way, it’s looking like until DC finally finds a director willing to commit to the movie, The Flash is destined to be stuck in limbo. Or, if you like, trapped in the Speed Force.