Kevin Smith Will Direct Comes The Krampus! After Clerks III


Hey everyone – remember that time Kevin Smith said he was retiring after Clerks III? Yeah, looks like that plan is falling apart rather quickly for our passionate filmmaker. First, he announced his pseudo horror thriller Tusk, a film that shows Michael Parks turning Justin Long into a walrus, then came news of Helena Handbasket, another genre piece that might turn into a musical. Now, Smith has surprised fans with another outrageous surprise – he’ll be co-directing Comes The Krampus!, a Christmas themed horror anthology birthed from yet another podcast conversation.

Inspired by one of the more notable classic horror anthologies, Creepshow, Comes The Krampus! will follow a few tales of terror that ignore Santa’s usual Christmas spirit in favor of The Krampus’ kid devouring ways. This is a team SModcast production through and through, with getting everyone involved – wait, why am I telling you this? Let’s take a look at what Kevin posted on his blog, detailing what each story will be about, who is directing, and why this is happening: 

If you listen to the EDUMACATION podcast, you’ll remember that episode 20 (Part 2 of the Christmas eps) consisted of another dopey conversation that resulted in a screenplay – a’la SModcast and TUSK. I was goofing around with Mr. Edumacation himself, Professor Andy McElfresh, when we accidentally brainstormed a Christmas horror anthology that would eschew the gruesome spin on Santa Claus, and instead embrace the Scandinavian/German Kid-Eating Christmas creature known as the The Krampus. That podcast was released 12/23/13.

It took us less than a month, but Andy and I have finished the screenplay for a flick we’re calling COMES THE KRAMPUS! It’s 99 pulse-pounding pages of what’s essentially SModCo’s CREEPSHOW, with four terrifying tales stitched together by a freaky framing device. It was a blast to write and totally new to me, as I never actually wrote a screenplay WITH someone else before.

And now, to extend the spirit of collaboration even further, I’M GONNA CO-DIRECT THE FLICK WITH THE SMODCO FAMILY!Andy McElfresh will direct the “The Krampus vs. The 3rd Grade” episode (SO fucked up), Jason Mewes (yes – THAT Jason Mewes) will direct the “Hitler’s Krampus” episode (twisted period piece), I will direct the “Mask Maker” episode (the Gothic horror piece), Carol Banker will direct the “The Proposal” episode (which is fucking nuts), and Jennifer Schwalbach will direct “The Bad Babysitter” – which is the framing device that holds the whole mess together. Jordan Monsanto will produce for SModcast Pictures and the twin SModCo cherries on the top of this scary sundae? I’m gonna force my Bro Scotty Mo(sier) to act in it and Babble-Meister RALPH GARMAN will feature in every episode!

The script reads like it’s maybe a $2 million movie. We’ll start doing a schedule and a budget next week, but the idea is to shoot it right on the heels of CLERKS III (which I’m hoping to start on April 7th). It’s gonna be fun and a true SModcast Picture! There’s something to be said for the power of podcasting…

I don’t know who you are or what you’ve done with the old Kevin Smith, but I love this new horror loving, quirk embracing, genre bending psychopath who’s willing to do things like make walrus costumes relevant and create an entire Christmas horror anthology. It’s so fantastic to see Kevin excited about passion projects like this, and his continued efforts in the cinematic world are absolutely welcome. Maybe today’s announcement came while Smith was celebrating Tusk‘s newly announced distribution deal?

In any case, this horror fan couldn’t be happier to hear about some more holiday horror coming from a team of friends and filmmakers who certainly know how to have a good time at the movies. Honestly, I’m not sure which film I’m more excited for right now – Comes The Krampus!, Tusk, Clerks III, or Helena Handbasket. Each one sounds crazier than the next, and that’s exactly what I need to shake out the dull, mainstream cobwebs from my overworked noggin.

So, what do you think about Kevin Smith’s wishes to continue filmmaking? Which upcoming project are you most excited for? Which Christmas episode tickles your fancy the most? Ah, too many questions surrounding the world of Kevin Smith at one time! Brain overload!