Kevin Smith reveals Keanu Reeves is his new favorite Batman

Image via Warner Bros.

Kevin Smith has revealed that he has a new favorite Batman — and it’s not Robert Pattinson. As R-Patz wows audiences in The Batman, DC has just introduced another cinematic incarnation of the Dark Knight. Flying somewhat under the radar when it comes to upcoming superhero movies is DC League of Super-Pets, an animated effort that’ll focus on the Justice League’s animal associates. But the heroes themselves will likewise appear.

And, in a bit of perfect casting, the Caped Crusader himself will be played by Keanu Reeves, with The Matrix legend making his return to the DC multiverse for the first time since 2005’s Constantine, in which he portrayed the titular hellblazer. Fans are loving Reeves’ role in the movie, then, but we’re willing to bet that no one is a bigger fan of the Reeves Batman then Kevin Smith.

The director and Batman expert revealed how hyped he is for League of Super-Pets in the latest episode of his FatMan Beyond Live podcast, calling Reeves the “single greatest incarnation” of Bruce Wayne there’s ever been.

“I’ll tell you we just got the f-cking single greatest incarnation of the Batman ever in the f-cking trailer for the League of Super-Pets,” Smith said. “Have you seen the trailer yet? Keanu-Batman, oh my god where he’s like ‘You are a dog, I am The Batman.’ Oh, I f-cking loved it so much, that movie looks f-cking good. That wasn’t even really on my radar, I was like ‘Ugh super pets,’ but that trailer is charming….I look forward to it, that looks f-cking legit good to me.”

Despite Smith’s endless enthusiasm for his Bat-performance, fans should be aware that Reeves is only a supporting player in the movie. In the lead is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — ahead of his live-action DC debut in Black Adam — as Superman’s pet pooch, Krypto the Super-Dog. Kevin Hart, meanwhile, co-stars as Ace the Bat-Hound, with Natasha Lyonne as speedster turtle Merton, Vanessa Bayer as Wonder Woman’s pig P.B., and Diego Luna as Green Lantern squirrel Chip.

Joining Reeves in the human Justice League is John Krasinski as Superman. Kate McKinnon, Thomas Middleditch, Ben Schwartz, and Jameela Jamil are also in the cast in undisclosed roles, though it’s easy to imagine them playing some of the other Leaguers. DC League of Super-Pets is on its way to theaters this July 29.