Kevin Smith Says Aquaman Looks Like The Most Faithful Comic Book Movie Ever Made


Anticipation for James Wan’s upcoming Aquaman movie was kicked up to a whole other gear when Warner Bros. dropped the dazzling first trailer for Arthur Curry’s solo debut over the weekend.

But even before fans got see the new footage, the San Diego Comic-Con was offering attendees a taste of what to expect via artwork, statues and other promotional goods, all of which proved to be more than enough to get Kevin Smith hyped. The co-host of the Fat Man on Batman podcast did a pre-trailer show from the floor of the event where he seemed pretty excited about the possibility seeing Aquaman rocking the classic orange and green look, saying:

“Thanks to Comic-Con and the trailer’s about to drop and I’m sure we’re going to see some of this in that trailer, but we definitely saw reflected in the toys that are on the floor and the giant LEGO that they made,” Smith said. “I mean, this sounds so stupid that I didn’t think they’d do it, but they’re giving Aquaman the orange shirt in that movie man!

Like they show images of him and it’s not like an orange t-shirt but it’s like armored and it looks like a superhero costume but it is that orange, whatever you would call it f****** tone man, it was…it made me so happy today!”

Moreover, while the release of Aquaman is still almost five months away, Smith is already making quite the bold prediction about how closely the film will hew to its source material.

“This s*** looks like the truest comic book movie ever made like it really hones close to the Aquaman universe I know and the look of the Aquaman universe I know.”

And all this before he’d even caught that first trailer. We’ll see if Aquaman can live up to the hype when the movie hits theaters later this year, on December 21st. It currently faces a tall order if it’s to seize the box office throne, though, what with Bumblebee and Fox’s manga epic Alita: Battle Angel all pegged for the same corridor. Who wins? You decide