Kevin Smith Wants WB To Release The Snyder Cut Of Justice League


Ah, the Snyder Cut…

What can we say about this almost legendary film that hasn’t been said already? Aside from the fact that there are still those who somehow – almost inexplicably – continue to call on Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League. We kid you not.

In fact, one of those people is Kevin Smith. On a recent episode of his podcast, the filmmaker spoke about the fabled cut and said that he’d be very interested in seeing it and would love for WB to finally give the fans what they keep asking for. He also noted that there’s money to be made by releasing it – which is absolutely true.

“Now more than ever I’m like ‘get that Snyder cut out there.’ Let’s see what was cooking. There’s money to be made there,” said Smith.

Despite his wishes, it doesn’t seem like Warner Bros. is ever going to budge on this one. It’s now been well over a year since Justice League first hit theaters and the radio silence back at San Diego Comic-Con was likely the final nail in the coffin. Still, there’s a small (yet very vocal) pocket of fans who refuse to give up hope, even though it’s become pretty clear that there’s no finished Zack Snyder cut just sitting there in some vault, waiting to be released.

At most, Zack probably had some sort of assembly cut ready, before ultimately handing things over to Joss Whedon and vacating the Justice League director’s chair in light of a personal tragedy. But who knows, really?

For now, the studio is obviously focused on re-shaping their cinematic universe and moving it as far away from the aforementioned team-up film as possible. As such, we don’t imagine they’ll be putting the spotlight back on the 2017 disaster for a long, long time – if ever.

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