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Kevin Spacey’s Brother Reveals Their Horrifying Childhood With Abusive, Dark Father

As the allegations against Kevin Spacey continue to mount, the actor's brother has now come forth to reveal the horrifying childhood they had.

As the allegations against Kevin Spacey continue to mount, the actor’s brother has now come forth to reveal the horrifying childhood they had.

Randy Fowler, 62, is a limo driver living in Boise, Idaho and told the Daily Mail back in 2004 that their father, Thomas Geoffrey Fowler – nicknamed “The Creature” by the two boys – abused them and their sister for years, while their mother knew all about it and did nothing. Now, with the storm starting to swirl around Spacey getting worse and worse, the story is surfacing again and it’s quite disturbing.

According to Fowler, their father was a member of the American Nazi Party who was enamored with Adolf Hitler, and made Kevin, Randy and their sister’s childhood a “living hell.”

“I grew up in a living hell. There was so much darkness in our home it was beyond belief. It was absolutely miserable. Years later, our mother actually wrote a letter to all three of us, trying to justify what had gone on by saying she was abused as a child and so was our father,” he said.

“Kevin tried to avoid what was going on by wrapping himself in an emotional bubble. He became very sly and smart,” he added. “He was so determined to try to avoid the whippings that he just minded his Ps and Qs until there was nothing inside. He had no feelings.”

Moving a total of 10 times before settling in Los Angeles, Fowler told the Daily Mail that their father wouldn’t let the children have any friends over and “plastered the walls of his office with pornographic images.” Meanwhile, at dinner, he would tell them how the Holocaust was a lie and lecture them on white supremacy.

Though Kevin avoided any form of sexual abuse, Fowler wasn’t as lucky, as his father began abusing him from the age of 12.

“I constantly threatened my father that if he ever touched my brother, I’d confront my mother with what was going on and that would destroy the family,” he said. “Neither of us had a chance though, growing up with two such damaged parents. I went through three marriages and 40 affairs.”

Nowadays, the brothers aren’t very close, with Randy claiming that the A-list actor mostly ignores him:

“I’ve always kept in touch with him all our adult lives. I’ve been cordial when we’ve spoken or gotten together. But those times have been few and far between. Kevin has virtually ignored me for the last 25 years. During the time he’s become a major movie star, he’s become a minor character in my life. That’s been his choice, not mine.”

Obviously, none of this excuses Kevin Spacey‘s behavior, though it does go some way to explaining it – if everything Fowler says is indeed true. Not that we have any reason to doubt him, mind you, especially as this story was first published long before the recent allegations about the actor came to light, but you never know.

Still, it’s deeply troubling to learn about and as more information surfaces, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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