Key And Peele Add Will Forte To Keanu Cast List


It is almost impossible to hear the name Keanu without immediately tumbling down a rabbit hole of Bill and Ted impressions and Matrix quotations – and rightly so, as it is a very distinctive moniker. That is all about to change, however, as the award-winning, powerhouse comedy duo of Key and Peele are pulling together their next project which should ensure that, this time next year, the name Keanu will have a whole new level of meaning.

It is a timeless story of the unconditional and dedicated love that two men have for a kitten, which is presumably named Keanu. When the defenceless, innocent kitten is stolen, the two friends attempt to pass themselves off as fearsome, terrifying, drug-dealing gangsters in order to secure the safe return of the titular juvenile feline. The two friends are played by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, with Peele also writing the script, alongside Alex Reubens (Community).

Previously confirmed cast members include Method Man (The Cobbler), who will star as a genuinely dangerous drug lord – the real deal – who falls for the deception perpetrated by the lead duo. Gabrielle Union (Think Like A Man Too), will also star as the wife of Jordan Peele’s character.

The latest talent to be added to the cast list is Emmy nominee Will Forte (The Last Man On Earth), who will appear as a minor pot-dealer and friend of Jordan Peele’s character. While anything that includes Key, Peele and Forte is guaranteed to bring the laughs, here we can expect next-level funny, as Forte’s character is described as being obsessed with black culture, despite having only one black friend.

In the director’s chair is American Comedy Award winner Peter Atencio – regular director of the Key And Peele television show – with New Line as the studio involved. New Line has a rich history of backing successful comedy, with titles such as The Wedding Singer, Elf, Horrible Bosses, We’re The Millers and the Austin Powers franchise stocking its back catalogue. With Keanu heading into production this summer in New Orleans, we will soon know if this Key and Peele vehicle can be added to that list.

Source: /Film