Will Suicide Squad Member KGBeast Be In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?


As with all rumor and speculation surrounding Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I must warn you to take this story with a grain of salt. It could either be completely legitimate and thereby introduce a relatively unknown supervillain into the DC Cinematic Universe, or it could be some J.J. Abrams-level misdirection on the part of director Zack Snyder as a way to mess with fans.

Now, with that said, a rumor has surfaced online that supervillain and Suicide Squad member KGBeast will appear in Batman V Superman in some capacity. Filming is currently underway in Chicago, which has led to the usual influx of set reports and leaked photos. The latest comes from Filming In Chicago, a Twitter account dedicated to reporting and posting various news updates and photos from the Batman V Superman set. Their eagle-eyed scoopers managed to spot a trailer with the word “Knyazev” written on the door, which likely refers to KGBeast, the moniker of Russian supervillain Anatoli Knyazev.

As I mentioned before, KGBeast is a recurring member of the Suicide Squad, and aside from primarily being a Batman villain, he recently faced off against Aquaman in the Aquaman and the Others New 52 storyline in the comics. He also factored into the animated Batman: Assault on Arkham film – which focused heavily on the Suicide Squad – and appeared on Arrow last season. He’s a pretty deadly character, and once chopped off his own hand in order to avoid being captured by Batman. It ended up working out for him though, because now he’s able to attach and employ a wide array of prosthetic weapons, including axes, hammers and guns.