Kiersey Clemons Will Have Creative Control Over Iris West In The Flash Movie


It’s been a confusing ride trying to keep up with what’s happening with Warner Bros.’ Flash movie, to say the least.

Take the story of its leading lady, for example. Kiersey Clemons was originally cast as Barry Allen’s love interest Iris West by Rick Famuyiwa before he vacated the project. She stayed on, though, even filming a scene for Justice League. This was removed from the theatrical cut, however, spawning rumors that Clemons would be recast. Last we heard, though, she was still on the board to star opposite Ezra Miller.

Now, a new leak, if it’s to be believed, confirms this, claiming that Clemons is still very much a part of The Flash and has also been given a lot of “creative control” over the role in order to flesh out Iris West however she sees fit. If true, this is a smart move on WB’s part, as it might mean that the character gets to rise above the usually under-written nature of the superhero’s girlfriend in comic book movies. It also suggests that Iris might not be a journalist, as is typical for her.

Furthermore, this leak claims that another member of the Rogues supervillain team will show up in the movie. Recently, we heard that the Rogues will serve as the central villains, with the line-up consisting of Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard. Channing Tatum was said to be the top choice to play Cold and now, Double Down has been added to the list, with Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Walton Goggins apparently being eyed to play the card-trick themed metahuman (fans might remember the villain showed up on an episode of Arrow season 4).

As always, we’d advise taking these rumors with a grain of salt, though they could be genuine, as directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are currently working on the script for The Flash, with the Scarlet Speedster’s first standalone movie set to race into theaters in December 2020.

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