Kill Me Three Times Adds Simon Pegg, Luke Hemsworth And Teresa Palmer


Currently filming in Australia is a crime drama titled Kill Me Three Times, which is being directed by Kriv Stenders and was written by James McFarland. We haven’t heard very much on the film up until now but today we’re receiving word that Simon Pegg, Liam Hemsworth and Teresa Palmer have all boarded the production.

In the film, Pegg is set to play an assassin who has his sights set on a singer as his next target. The story is said to be told from three different points of view. Alicia Braga, Sullivan Stapleton, Bryan Brown and Callan Mulvey co-star and Deadline describes the plot as follows:

A singer in a surf town (Braga) is the link between three tales of murder, blackmail, and revenge. Pegg plays an assassin hired by the singer’s husband (Mulvey); Stapleton is a gambling addict trying to pay off his debts through a life insurance scam masterminded by Palmer’s small town Lady Macbeth. Brown is a corrupt cop and Hemsworth plays a surfer trying to save Braga from her would-be killer.

Sounds like an interesting project and it will be nice to see Pegg play against type. Stenders’ last film, Red Dog, was quite successful and though I haven’t seen it, I’ve heard great things about it and am excited to see what he does with his follow-up. He’s got a great cast in place and if the film makes it to North American theatres, I think that we could be in for a real treat.

Tell us, does Kill Me Three Times sound appealing to you? Let us know in the comments below.