RUMOR: Killer Frost To Feature In Suicide Squad 2, May Replace Harley Quinn


Suicide Squad was a divisive film, to be sure, but most people can agree that it did show signs of promise. The villain may have been underdeveloped, along with a lot of Task Force X, and the script could have definitely used some more work, but it wasn’t a total failure. That, and the fact that it’s the DCEU’s most profitable movie to date makes it pretty easy to see why Warner Bros. is eager to put out a Suicide Squad 2 and as we already know, the project is currently in development.

So far, we haven’t heard a whole lot about it, but a recent report has now shed some light on both the director search as well as a new character. Before we proceed, it should be mentioned that this information comes from the DCEU Leaks section on Reddit, so take this all with the requisite pinch of salt. Admittedly, there has been a lot of accurate information to come from there in the past, but without any confirmation from the studio, this is in no way official.

What the leak says about Suicide Squad 2 though is that despite being the frontrunner to direct at one point, Mel Gibson is no longer in the picture. Now, Zombieland helmer Ruben Fleischer and The Shallows director Jaume Collet-Serra are the top candidates. Furthermore, the script is currently being written, with David Ayer giving the story pitch, and it’s possible that if all the pieces come together quickly enough, the sequel could end up taking Aquaman‘s previous release date.

It’s the last piece of information that’s the most interesting, however, as the report mentions that “Killer Frost will be the new female lead to replace Harley Quinn.” It’s unclear if that means Harley won’t be in the film, or she’ll just have a reduced role, but either way, if true, this is definitely surprising to hear. After all, Margot Robbie’s take on the iconic character was by far the best part of Suicide Squad. Why the studio would now bring in another female lead to replace her is something that’s got us pretty confused.

Killer Frost has a history with Task Force X in the comics, of course, having served on the team as Dr. Louise Lincoln, the second incarnation of the character, so her inclusion in the sequel makes sense. We just don’t know why she’d act as a replacement for Harley. It’s true that Joker broke her out of Belle Reve at the end of Suicide Squad, but I think everyone still expected Miss Quinzel to show up for the sequel, right? Regardless, we’re certainly excited to hear that Killer Frost may be entering the DCEU. She’s a great character and it’ll be interesting to see how this take on her differs from the television version, who we’ve seen on The Flash.

We’ll let you know as soon as any of this is confirmed by the studio, but until then, tell us, what are you hoping to see in Suicide Squad 2? Is there anyone aside from Frost that you’d like to have introduced in the film? And who do you think should get behind the camera to direct? Sound off in the usual place with your thoughts!