Watch: A Killer Lion Stalks The Streets Of Amsterdam In New Uncaged Clip


I’ve seen all manner of hideous, gruesome and bizarre monsters tearing people limb from limb on screen. So, with a bog-standard non-supernatural lion as the monster, can Uncaged really deliver the goods? The Dutch horror-comedy shows Amsterdam being menaced by a lion (that apparently just appears in town without explanation), with the city falling into a panic as its citizens are munched on by the ferocious and hungry beast.

Uncaged‘s trailer includes lines like “amazing how one lion can stop an entire city…,” “this isn’t just a lion…” and “the last thing I want is to turn Amsterdam into a hunting ground.” It also promises an action scene where a lion tears up a subway car, fights a SWAT team and engages in a motorcycle chase.

Honestly, I doubt Uncaged is going to win any awards, but at minimum it looks like it’ll provide multiple scenes of a big lion eating people. And now, courtesy of Dread Central, you can check out a new clip of the lion attacking some bumbling hunters in the park. Though you’ll have to head on over to their site as we can’t embed it here.

Uncaged lands on VOD and Digital HD on March 17th, but was originally released under the title Prooi (Prey) back in 2016 in the Netherlands. It’s the work of Dick Maas, who’s famed in the country for his offbeat horror-comedies though little known outside of the Netherlands. Based on this, he seems to be the Dutch Sam Raimi. In any case, 4 Digital has clearly seen something of worth in Uncaged, as they’ve given it an English dub and are presumably hoping that audiences are hungry for an old school creature feature.

I don’t have particularly high hopes for Uncaged, but it looks like a decent film to crack upon a couple of beers with your friends and watch a killer lion gorily tearing people apart. And hey, it’s not often we get a straight-up killer animal monster movie, right?