King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Gets A Gritty, Wild Final Trailer


From nothing comes a king: Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow have today premiered the gritty, final trailer for King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, Guy Ritchie’s epic medieval reboot that repackages Arthur and the Excalibur myth for a modern-day audience. Starring Charlie Hunnam as the titular hero, the studio has big, big plans for the film, with the hope being to spawn a massive franchise that could include up to six entries in total once all is said and done.

It’s ambitious, to be sure, especially in an age that’s dominated by heroes wearing capes and flying through the sky, not ones who swing a sword around in the streets of whatever passes for gritty East End urban misery in medieval Camelot. Still, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited for Ritchie’s latest effort. As evidenced by the new trailer above, the director brings with him his usual energetic style, which aims to inject a bit of dynamism and life into a story that can feel a bit overly familiar. And by the looks of it, he’s certainly succeeded in doing just that.

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that this is definitely not King Arthur how you might remember him. From the footage we’re presented with here, this appears to be a more gritty, wild and darker take on the tale, one that we suspect will resonate quite well with audiences when it premieres later this year.

Twice delayed already, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword will finally ride into theaters on May 12th. For those across the pond, you can expect Guy Ritchie’s gritty reimagining to hit UK shores on May 24th.