King Richard is getting some side-eye on Twitter

We’ve all seen the superstar duo of the Williams sisters, who have dominated women’s tennis for the best past few decades, holding thirty grand slam titles between them. In 2002, they were even the first pair of sisters to get first and second in the women’s world rankings. Written by Zach Baylin (Creed III), and directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green (Top Boy), King Richard takes a look at their origins and the man who helped make them who they are – their father Richard Williams (played by Will Smith).

On Twitter people have raised some questions about whether a man like Williams should be celebrated.

This user also agrees:

There is some contention over this though, with some saying that this is a point that gets addressed adequately enough in the text of the film.

Regardless of the debate, critics and audiences have loved this film according to Rotten Tomatoes, with a 92% critic score and a 99% audience score. Richard Roeper in the Chicago Sun-Times described Will Smith in the film as “Funny and inspirational, he disappears into the role of the man obsessed with bringing his daughters to the top of their game.”