Kingsman: The Golden Circle Stand Offers A Clue About Colin Firth’s Role


The most shocking moment of 2014’s surprise hit spy comedy, Kingsman: The Secret Service, has to be the jaw-dropping death of Harry Hart. Colin Firth’s gentleman spy was the star of the show and no one expected Samuel L. Jackson’s villain to shoot him in cold-blood before the third act had even begun. As we’ve known for a while, though, that wasn’t the end for Galahad. The trailer for upcoming sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle revealed that Harry is actually still alive. In fact, the only sign of his shooting is the fetching eye-patch he’s seen wearing over his left eye.

So, how did Harry survive Richmond Valentine’s wrath and what role will he play in the sequel? It’s too early to answer those questions right now, but a stand seen at CCIB – Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona – at CineEurope 2017 at least hints at how Harry will fit into the movie.

As you can see, the stand features both the Kingsmen – Eggsy (Taron Egerton), Merlin (Mark Strong) and Galahad – and their US counterparts, the Statesmen, who will be introduced in the sequel. Jeff Bridges is their boss Champagne, with Channing Tatum and Halle Berry as top agents Tequila and Ginger. Intriguingly, Colin Firth isn’t wearing his signature sharp suit here but rather a stetson and shearling jacket, which suggests that Harry has switched sides to the Statesmen. Unless Firth isn’t playing Harry at all, but rather his American twin brother? Time will tell, but color us intrigued.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is directed by the returning Matthew Vaughan in his first sequel ever and aside from the aforementioned folks, it’ll star Julianne Moore, Poppy Delevingne, Michael Gambon and several others. Look for it to shoot into cinemas on September 22nd.

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