Kingsman: The Secret Service Rising Star Taron Egerton Circling Lionsgate’s Robin Hood: Origins


Almost two-and-a-half decades since Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves delved into the iconic history of the titular man in tights, Lionsgate is pushing ahead with a whole new take on the heroic outlaw with Robin Hood: Origins, and according to Deadline, the studio may have just found its leading man in Taron Egerton.

The British up-and-comer is best known for his standout role in Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, and though he has been reportedly eyed for the titular part before, this is our first firm confirmation that talks are underway. Egerton will face stiff competition for the role, too, with Transformers: Age Of Extinction‘s Jack Reynor also in the mix; then again, it’s understood that the former star has muscled his way to the top of Lionsgate’s list.

One potential hitch is the fact that the 25-year-old is committed to Fox’s Kingsman sequel, meaning that projects may need to be shuffled around slightly to avoid any potential production clashes.

Behind the lens for Robin Hood: Origins is Peaky Blinders director Otto Bathurst, who will take the reins of Lionsgate’s gritty rendition of the English folklore legend, which is said to take cinematic cues from Christopher Nolan’s seminal The Dark KnightKnights Of The Roundtable: King Arthur scribe Joby Harold will pen the screenplay, setting up a scenario in which Robin Hood returns from fighting in the brutal Crusades only to discover that the Sherwood Forest he knows and loves has become poisoned with corruption.

What gives Lionsgate greater impetus to get Robin Hood: Origins off the ground is the fact that other studios are beginning to revisit the age-old legend. Nottingham & Hood is in the works at Disney, while Sony recently purchased Hood for $1 million. You wait for a Robin Hood project and suddenly three come along at once, eh?

After turning heads in Kingsman, Taron Egerton’s next step to stardom could come in the form of Lionsgate’s Robin Hood: Origins, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the negotiations as things unfold.

Source: Deadline

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