Kingsman: The Golden Circle Featurette Takes You Inside Statesman HQ


Part and parcel of Kingsman‘s lasting charm is the way in which Matthew Vaughn’s hyper-stylish actioner defied expectations. There’s the financial angle, of course; The Secret Service raked in over $400 million three years ago on a relatively modest budget of $81 million. But Kingsman really carved out an audience thanks to its ability to combine ridiculously over-the-top and trippy scenes – heads exploding in a dazzling firework display of color is just one example – and the crackerjack energy between Colin Firth and Taron Egerton.

Against all odds, those two will be back in business later this year with Kingsman: The Golden Circle, a sequel that’s set to shift the action across the pond. And so, just as the Kingsman staged their covert operation under the guise of a tailoring business, the Statesman have a front of their own: a whiskey distillery located high up in the mountains.

In the absence of Samuel L. Jackson’s Valentine – an unhinged spy villain if ever there was one – it’s the advent of Julianne Moore’s Poppy that forces the Kingsmen to join forces with their American counterparts, and up above you’ll be able to take a deep dive into their plush HQ. It’s all part of a marketing partnership with Brown-Forman to create a truly unique addition to The Golden Circle‘s promotional campaign: The Statesman, a line of premium whiskey under its Old Forester brand that’s set to hit store shelves a few months before the film’s release. The good news for us is that that promo also comes packing a healthy dose of new footage, which you’ll find up above.

On September 22nd, Kingsman: The Golden Circle will take the foundations of Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman’s action franchise project them onto a global scale. Based on the suitably cheeky red band trailer, that aggressive expansion has in no way hampered Kingsman‘s signature sense of style, and we can hardly wait to see the film’s American agents spring into action beyond the walls of their ostentatious distillery.