Here’s How Kit Harington Could Look As Black Knight In The Eternals

black knight kit harington

Kit Harington is swapping Game of Thrones for the Marvel universe as it was revealed at D23 over the weekend that the Jon Snow star will be appearing in The EternalsHarington won’t be playing one of the titular immortal aliens, however, but will make his MCU debut as Dane Whitman AKA Black Knight, the franchise’s first British superhero.

We got a glimpse at concept art for The Eternals‘ main cast at D23, but Harington’s Black Knight look was not amongst them. So, how could he appear in the character’s suit of armor? Well, fan artist BossLogic is on hand to imagine it for us.

Check out his latest piece below and see what you think:

BL has opted to give Whitman the Sword of Light instead of his typical weapon, the Ebony Blade, which is presumably the one that Marvel will go with in The Eternals. Though it would be a neat bit of crossover with another Disney franchise if they gave him what’s essentially a lightsaber.

They may well get to that in time, though, as it seems certain that we’ll seeing much more of Harington in the MCU after The Eternals. Kevin Feige himself has teased that his role could grow into other things and We Got This Covered has also heard that Marvel is planning a Black Knight solo movie with an eye on him eventually joining the rebooted Avengers line-up, too.

As for his role in The Eternals, we’ve been informed that Whitman will be a significant part of the ensemble. As per the comics, he’ll share a romance with Gemma Chan’s Sersi and will also likely suit up as the Black Knight in the movie as well.

Also starring Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek and many others, The Eternals is currently shooting in England and arrives in theaters next November.