Kraven Solo Movie Reportedly Ties Heavily Into The MCU


Remember when Sony announced a solo movie for Kraven the Hunter was in the works, back in the summer of 2018? Since then, we haven’t heard much about the project, something which hasn’t bothered fans too much as it was generally agreed that doing a Kraven film without Spider-Man makes no sense. Now that Sony and Marvel are all about sharing the wall-crawler, however, it seems the spinoff is back on the go, with greater ties to the MCU than we were expecting.

The Illuminerdi has shared a new report in which they claim to have seen the casting grid for the Kraven movie and according to them, we can apparently expect a very classic interpretation of Sergei Kravinoff from Sony, with the character described as a “maniacal big game hunter.” What’s more, his mission in the spinoff is specifically stated to be that he’s on the hunt for Spider-Man. The outlet doesn’t confirm that Tom Holland will appear, but clearly, his presence would be keenly felt all the same and the film will be closely linked to the MCU.

This fits with what screenwriter Richard Wenk, who’s attached to the film, said back in 2018. He revealed at the time that it’s his intention to draw inspiration from Kraven’s Last Hunt, which is by far the most iconic comic book storyline starring the villain and features the hunter apparently killing his foe once and for all. He also stated that he’s pushing to get Kraven to come face to face with Spidey in the movie.

A Kraven film at this stage in Peter Parker’s arc would make a lot of sense, too, considering the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. With his secret identity blown and having been publicly accused of murder and terrorism by Mysterio, a bounty hunter like Kraven would definitely be on his tail right about now. At this stage, though, it’s unclear how the exactly the project will fit with Spider-Man 3. But with Kraven the Hunter rumored to be one of the villains in the threequel, it certainly seems like all the pieces are falling into place here to have the solo film directly linked to the MCU.