Kristen Stewart Confirms Snow White And The Huntsman 2 Return


After the Rupert Sanders/Kristen Stewart scandal went down, the fate of Snow White and the Huntsman 2 was left very much up in the air. We knew that Universal still wanted to make the film but would Sanders return to helm? Would Stewart return to star? Would they both return? Would they both depart? There were many unanswered questions and the studio had to move quickly if they wanted to capitalize on the box office success of the first film.

Originally, Sanders was set to direct and the sequel would focus mostly on Chris Hemsworth’s character, The Huntsman. But then we heard that Sanders was out. Following that we received news that the studio was back in talks with Stewart to return. Though reports thus far have clashed, this week the actress has confirmed that she will be back for the sequel.

In an interview with IndieWire, Kristen Stewart spoke about the sequel, saying:

Oh, it’s gonna be f—ing amazing. No, I’m so excited about it, it’s crazy.” When asked where the story would go and if she could reveal plot details, she replied with, “I’m not allowed. The other day I said that there was a strong possibility that we’re going to make a sequel, and that’s very true, but everyone was like, ‘Whoa, stop talking about it.’ So no, I’m totally not allowed to talk about it.”

So there you have it, pretty much all the confirmation that one would need. Now, is this necessarily good news? Well, I’d be lying if I said I’m thrilled that she’s returning. I don’t care much for Stewart as an actress and I actually found Hemsworth’s character to be a lot more interesting in the film.

Furthermore, while Snow White and the Huntsman wasn’t necessarily bad, I’m not exactly itching for a sequel either. So, for now, drop this one in the “meh” category as this news doesn’t do much for me either way. Sure, K-Stew fans around the world are probably rejoicing over her return but for us regular moviegoers, I don’t think this is too big of a deal.

Snow White and the Huntsman 2 doesn’t have a release date just yet but we’ll keep you posted as more news arises. Let us know in the comments if you’re happy about Kristen Stewart returning.

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