Kristen Wiig Confirmed For Anchorman: The Legend Continues

As Anchorman: The Legend Continues built up intrigue and delight over the last year with the pace of a bloated tortoise, today’s news hopefully marks a new influx of juicy details concerning the sequel. Director Adam McKay confirmed rumours that yes, Kristen Wiig will be joining the cast, which was met by Christina Applegate’s excited Tweet: “So excited Kristen Wiig has joined our cast for Anchorman 2!”

McKay has yet to disclose any details specific to Wiig’s role – although rumour has it she’s in line to play a love interest to the dimmest bulb on the shelf, Brick Tamlan, played by Steve Carell. Anchorman stalwarts Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner are also on board alongside a rumoured Vince Vaughn.

The addition of Wiig to the cast marks another female addition welcomed into the warm bosom of the Frat Pack, which has been predominantly a male-centric troupe. It reinforces further that women are funny as hell their talents shouldn’t be wasted cast as the best friend who is hot but she’s funny so she’ll never find a husband (which is usually okay as they are often lesbians too). Wiig’s comedy master class, Bridesmaids, subverted this tired tradition and cast six actresses with phenomenal comedic skills.

With Christina Applegate at the top of her game, after clocking in two seasons on Up All Night with Wiig’s Bridesmaids co-star Maya Rudolph, and Wiig with a back catalogue of Saturday Night Live skits under her belt, Anchorman: The Legend Continues‘s comedy crown could most definitely be stolen by the ladies this time around.

The film will catch up with the news crew a few years after the end of the original, in a time when the 24-hour news cycle is being introduced. As well as the usual gamut of celebrity cameos, the sequel also pledges to peg its stars into some musical numbers, a remnant of when the follow-up was planned as a Broadway musical.

Regardless of role, knowing Kristen Wiig is in Anchorman: The Legend Continues has made this film an absolute movie-going certainty for this writer.  More news on the film as we get it!

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