Hugh Jackman Reacts To Kumail Nanjiani’s Awesome Wolverine Photo


Kumail Nanjiani doesn’t mind posing for shirtless pics. At least, not these days after getting ridiculously jacked for his upcoming role in The Eternals. If you’ll recall, photos circulated late last year of the comedian’s incredible transformation and now, he’s at it again.

While appearing in Men’s Health Magazine, Nanjiani recreated some iconic shirtless scenes in movies including the volleyball scene from Top Gun, Patrick Bateman’s workout routine in American Psycho, John McClane crawling through a ventilation duct in Die Hard and as Hugh Jackman’s iconic turn as Wolverine.

In fact, Jackman was shown Nanjiani’s reenactment while appearing on Fox News and the actor was very impressed with the likeness, saying:

“Wow! That really looks like the set. That is so cool… If you’ve done all that work, get your shirt off.”

You said it, Hugh. If I looked like that, I would walk around shirtless all day. Not to mention that Nanjiani is known for playing a schlubby nerd on Silicon Valley and a struggling comedian in the autobiographical movie, The Big Sick. So, to see him looking like a Greek God gives motivation to a lot of us.

In The Eternals, Nanjiani will suit up as Kingo, and while plot specifics are scarce, we know it revolves around a race of immortal beings who live on Earth and shape its history and civilizations. No footage of the film has been released online yet, but with a cast that also includes Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kit Harington, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan and Brian Tyree Henry, hype is definitely high.

And as for the aforementioned photos, well, we do need a new Wolverine, so I guess this is Nanjiani’s audition.