Kung Fury Kickstarter Demands The Attention Of 80s Action Junkies Everywhere


Holy 80s action extravaganza, Batman!

Every once in a while, a teaser/fake trailer comes along that completely rocks the cinematic world, but the project never takes off. Fans are left with nothing but wishes of what could have been. Usually these are nothing but fun little side projects for the players involved. The joke goes out and people love it – but nothing comes in the way of a feature production.

Kung Fury is the latest absolutely outrageous trailer to hit the internet in viral manner, created by star David Sandberg and oozing with cheesy 80s action movie influence. In one simple preview we see unfathomable feats of kung fu insanity, Norse Gods towering over mere mortals, a viking babe with a machine gun, time travel, a kung fu Hitler and dinosaurs – hold on, let me mop up my brain juices after the damn thing melted.

Being that crazy action junkie who loves a good high-flying adventure that doesn’t take itself seriously in the slightest, I watched the Kung Fury trailer five times in a row, laughing incessantly each time. There’s an awesome style about the whole production, using grainy CGI to give each scene an illuminated Miami Vice sort of feel, but my only question is if the gimmick can hold up for an entire feature.

Honestly, I’d be 100% willing to find out if Sandberg could keep the explosive kung fu silliness from becoming stale, and it looks like I might get that chance. Thanks to Kickstarter, Sandberg is looking to crowd fund the rest of his picture, which already has a full 30 minutes shot to appease fans with a short film, but if his absolute dream goal can be reached (including a proper distributor/producer), we could be seeing a Kung Fury feature film in the near future.

As of now, it looks like we’ll just be getting Kung Fury in short film form, but I just had to share this bit of random coolness with you. If I was a millionaire, I’d have no problem picking up the tab for Sandberg’s feature film goal, but unfortunately I haven’t hatched my “get rich quick” scheme just yet. My only hope is that some loaded investor with a love of 80s action romps reads this post and shares in my excitement, kick-starting a whole Kung Fury franchise. Any takers?

Check out the full trailer below!