The Internet Wishes Kurt Russell A Happy Birthday As He Turns 70

Kurt Russell

Today isn’t just St. Patrick’s Day, it’s also Kurt Russell‘s birthday. The iconic star of too many great movies to mention turns 70 years old today, and fans from all over are taking to social media to share their love for the legendary actor’s work and to wish him a happy day.

Russell has been a familiar face on our screens for virtually his whole life, He started out as one of Disney’s favorite go-to child stars in the 1960s, appearing in the likes of The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. By the 80s, he transformed himself into an action hero, starring in major hits such as Big Trouble in Little China and Escape from New York, in which he portrayed Snake Plissken, a role he reprised 12 years later for Escape from L.A. 

Fast forward to now and Russell’s had a particularly busy past decade. He’s teamed up with Quentin Tarantino for The Hateful Eight and Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, turned up in a couple of Fast & Furious films as Mr. Nobody and joined the Marvel universe in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as Ego, the Living Planet.

With a rich cinematic history like that, it’s no wonder the internet’s full of well wishes for Russell this Wednesday.

It’s time to watch Kurt Russell movies all damn day.

An “ultimate badass.”

What a career.

Petition to rename St. Patrick’s Day to St. Plissken’s Day.

Kurt Russell

No one rocks a mullet like Kurt.

Fun fact: Russell made his movie debut in It Happened at the World’s Fair, opposite Elvis Presley. He then later played The King himself twice – including voicing him in Forrest Gump. 

The understatement of the century.

Most recently, Russell has portrayed Santa Claus in Netflix’s The Christmas Chronicle movies, which have seen him paired with real-life partner Goldie Hawn. The couple’s son, Wyatt Russell, is set to follow in his dad’s footsteps as well as he’s making his MCU debut in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, hitting Disney Plus this week.

Happy birthday, Kurt Russell!