Kurt Russell Says Joe Lynch’s Knights Of Badassdom Cut Is “Better Than Ghostbusters”


Earlier this year I reviewed a film called Knights Of Badassdom, and even though I had fun with the fantastical LARP-er adventure, it’s not the film I wanted to see. While Joe Lynch is credited as the director, the version audiences received does not reflect Lynch’s vision in the least, as Indivest CEO Wade Bradley hacked away at Knights Of Badassdom until a watered-down version permitted mainstream appeal. Again, while I certainly had some fun watching the likes of Peter Dinklage and Steve Zahn fight a summoned evil, I couldn’t shake a neutered feeling that lacked Lynch’s signature horror ideals.

I recently had to opportunity to sit down with Joe Lynch to talk about his new film Everly, but I just couldn’t let Knights Of Badassdom go. Before I even got a chance to ask when we’ll see his director’s cut, Lynch revealed that a famous action star has seen the uncut version, and he thinks it’s a damn good film.

Here’s what Lynch said:

Kurt Russell watched *my cut* of Knights Of Badassdom and said it was better than Ghostbusters. MY CUT! Not the one that went out, the version I had.

We know there’s been a lot of people speaking out in favor of Lynch’s version, but to get a compliment from Snake Plissken? Hearing such talk only makes the secret nature of Lynch’s cut even more infuriating. With that in mind, I asked Joe how much longer we’ll have to wait before his version sees daylight, and what audiences can expect from his cut. Here’s his update:

Joe Lynch: No comment! [winks emphatically] I’ll tell you this – eOne has approached me about [my cut]. The version released was extremely successful on VOD and Blu-Ray, EXTREMELY successful, and look, there’s a lot of fans of the movie. If you didn’t know anything about the controversy, you’d think it’s a fun little romp. It’s just unfortunate that I was never given a DGA (Directors Guild Of America) screening, and that’s mandatory. My version has been seen – Kurt Russell saw it and said it was better than Ghostbusters – do I need to say anymore? I was making The Goonies for grownups where the final product ended up being more Role Models with the little bit of blood they couldn’t cut out and were stuck with.

Digging deeper, I noted that the film doesn’t feel like a Joe Lynch movie, lacking certain notes of gore. I wondered if his version is loaded with slayings and decapitations, and this is what he had to say:

Joe Lynch: Oh completely, but it’s not even that. There’s a whole 10 minute ending that was cut purely for financial reasons. They didn’t want to finish the special effects and the owner didn’t like someone’s dress. I was like, “Come on, really? That’s the reason why?” He was like, “No, of course not!” Yea, whatever, that was the reason why.

But yes, someday my version will be released, it will definitely happen.

It pains me to think about all the awesomeness that exists in Joe Lynch’s film, especially considering how painfully generic of an ending the current version leaves audiences with. It sounds every-bit like the director has created a wonderful cult classic, yet after having his entire production hijacked, all we’re left with is an empty ride with ample amounts of fun. Hopefully eOne will do the right thing and give Knights Of Badassdom the release it deserves – with Russell’s quote championing the entire campaign.

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