Kuze Delivers A Stark Warning In Latest Ghost In The Shell Promo; Catch A Glimpse Of The Famous Water Fight Sequence


It was the very first teaser released for Paramount’s live-action adaptation and now, with little over a week to go until the film’s worldwide launch, a new Ghost in the Shell promo has arrived to showcase that iconic water fight sequence in its entirety.

Featuring Scarlett Johansson’s elusive Major in action, up above you’ll see her one-of-a-kind cyborg track a known terrorist directly into a sprawling pool of ankle-deep water. Cloaked in some form of invisibility device, ScarJo’s kick-ass heroine then toys with the armed goon, before revealing herself just in time to send him spinning through the air. Indeed, the slow-mo sequences evoke comparisons to The Matrix, and fans of Masamune Shirow’s über-popular manga franchise will no doubt feel right at home via the new promo above. As a matter of fact, barring a few lines of dialogue from The Major, it comes mighty close to being a shot-for-shot remake.

Switching gears from hero to malevolent villain, the clip above was accompanied by another Ghost in the Shell TV spot that draws attention to Kuze, the enigmatic AI that appears to hold a connection to Scarlett Johansson’s Major. The jury’s still out on that one, but down below you’ll Michael Pitt’s frightening synthetic deliver a stark warning to the Hanka Corporation and its allies. Perhaps he was subjected to a similar memory wipe that’s beleaguered The Major? We’ll find out soon.

On March 31st, Ghost in the Shell officially boots online. How exactly Rupert Sanders’ cyberpunk actioner performs will largely hinge on its ability to resonate with an international crowd, and it’s fair to say that a portion of the Japanese audience has been left feeling apprehensive about Ghost following the high-profile whitewashing backlash.