Lady Gaga Stuns The Red Carpet At House Of Gucci Event

An upcoming crime drama starring Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Al Pacino, and Salma Hayek is coming to theaters on November 24th, and it’s going to be a smash. House of Gucci tells the story of the shocking murder of Maurizio Gucci.

Gucci was shot by a hired hitman that his ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani, recruited to get rid of her husband. The press immediately called Reggiani a Black Widow, and her motive for the crime was said to range from jealousy to greed. Reggiani spent years in jail for conspiring to have her ex-husband killed and was released in 2016.

House of Gucci showcases the tumultuous relationship between the Gucci family and, of course, the relationship between Reggiani and Gucci. You can see more about Ridley Scott’s take on the story in the trailer for the film below.

In a red carpet event for the House of Gucci premiere, fans were left in shock and awe over Lady Gaga’s stunning look and the exquisite purple gown she wore.

Here’s what fans are saying about Gaga’s red carpet look and a few snapshots of the glamour the entire cast was serving at the event.

She is absolutely stunning.

Early reviews of the film sing its praises.

Gaga always steals the show.

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