A Lando Cameo During Star Wars: Episode IX? Billy Dee Williams’ Son Chimes In


Finally, some good news has arrived from that galaxy far, far away.

It’s been an admittedly tough day for the folks at Skywalker Ranch, what with reports claiming that Lucasfilm has put all standalone Star Wars movies on hold until further notice – likely due to the woeful box office performance of Solo, which limped to a measly $83 million on its opening weekend and hasn’t recovered since.

That’s a pity, really, especially when you factor in claims that Lucasfilm had initially hoped to delayed the release of Han Solo’s origins movie until December of 2018, only to be shot down by Disney. Be that as it may, Heroic Hollywood has now uncovered a potentially exciting tidbit relating to Star Wars: Episode IX, and it ought to be of interest to fans of the smooth-talking Lando Calrissian. The Billy Dee Williams kind.

Over on Twitter, the actor’s son, Cory Dee Williams, has been badgered about those rumors alleging that his father’s up for a cameo role as Lando in Episode IX. Lucasfilm is yet to comment on the speculation, and likely has no intention of doing so anytime soon, but that hasn’t stopped Dee Williams Jr. from taking matters into his own hands.

Although, in truth, he’s just fanned the flames of speculation, stating:

Talk about deflecting. Of course, production on Star Wars: Episode IX is expected to begin any day now, and the next 12-to-16 months will likely be filled with potential rumors and hushed whispers. It’s best settling in for the long haul, then, as we won’t be venturing out to our local theaters to see a new Star Wars film for quite some time. And perhaps that’s a good thing after four movies in the space of three years?