Larry Charles And Sacha Baron Cohen To Team Up Again For The Dictator

The LA Times have announced that Larry Charles and Sacha Baron Cohen will team up once again after box office comedy smash hits Borat and Bruno. It’s apparently being set up at Paramount and Charles will be bringing over some of his old writing colleagus from Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm for the project. This will Cohen’s next project after he finishes work on Scorsese’s Hugo Cabret.

Tentatively titled The Dictator, the film will see Cohen inhabit two roles, the plot being a parallel tale between a lonely goat herder and a dictator from an unspecified country lost in the US. From first glances this appears to be more plot based than before, although the theme of foreign man lost amongst American culture still looms large.

I think it’s a good idea for them to come up with a project which is much more based around plot than what we saw in Borat. Although it was funny to see Cohen do those things in ‘real’ situations, I doubt whether or not the pair will get away with it anymore. So this new project appears to be a step in the right direction.