Lars von Trier Breaks The Silence About Upcoming ‘Melancholia’

Lars von Trier has been suspiciously quiet about his upcoming film Melancholia. If I had directed Antichrist, I’d be avoiding the public eye as well. But it seems Mr. von Trier is ready to talk about his latest project and it’s some pretty intense stuff. I’d be disappointed in anything less.

The film stars Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg as sisters, and features quite the extended cast, including Stellan and Alexander Sarsgard, John Hurt, and Kiefer Sutherland. Dunst seems an unlikely candidate for a von Trier film, but perhaps her recent bouts with depression acclimate her well to the Danish director’s style.

The details von Trier revealed about the movie include how the film begins: the end of the world. In an interview with Politiken, the director had the following to say:

“In Melancholia I start with the end. Because what is interesting is not what happens but how it happens! So we begin by seeing the world being crushed, then we can tell the story afterwards.

In this way you don’t have to sit and form theories about what will happen, but can delve down into some other levels and become interested in the pictures and the universe – that’s what I imagine.”

Read the rest of the interview at Politiken’s website