Lars Von Trier May Premiere The Hardcore Version Of Nymphomaniac At Cannes


Lars Von Trier’s upcoming Nymphomanic is causing quite a stir. The two-part film has a runtime of five hours and will be delivered in both a softcore and hardcore cut. Said to be sexually explicit and very extreme, we’re now hearing that Von Trier wants to premiere the hardcore version at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014.

Now, before you scream and shout and tell us that Von Trier was deemed persona non grata in 2011 and isn’t allowed back at Cannes, it’s important to remember that the director was only declared persona non grata for 2011 and is not banned for life. There is still the possibility for him to be allowed back.

Of course, nothing is official and Cannes is still a long ways away. Who knows if the film will actually make it there, but given the buzz that is surrounding Nymphomaniac, I can easily see it heading to Cannes. Then again, the softcore version is releasing in some territories at Christmas time, so who knows if premiering the hardcore version five months later will still be a big enough deal for the festival to accept the film, and to accept its director.

What do you think? Will Cannes allow Von Trier to premiere the five hour, hardcore version of Nymphomaniac at the festival? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.