The Last Jedi’s Oscar Isaac Being Eyed For A Role In The Batman


Evidence is mounting that The Batman, Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves’ buzzworthy DC project about the famed Dark Knight has been scheduled for a production start next spring.

Over on Pursue News (h/t Production Weekly), for instance, it’s been alleged that Reeves plans to get the cameras rolling by spring 2019, when Ben Affleck will apparently take on the role of producer.

We know that the director still maintains an open dialogue with the actor, but at the moment, it’s unclear whether he’ll be donning the cape and cowl once more. What we can tell in the meantime, though, is that casting is now underway for the project and apparently, Warner Bros. has their eye on Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s Oscar Isaac.

That’s according to Geeks Worldwide, who report that Isaac has met with the studio for a mysterious role in the pic and is said to be very interested in it. An official offer has yet to be made, but it’s sounding like the actor may end up signing on. Which, of course, begs the question of who he’ll be playing if he does.

We’ve heard in the past that WB wanted an A-lister for the villain, but if indeed The Penguin ends up being the chief antagonist as rumored, we can’t imagine Isaac stepping into that role. Perhaps there’s another villain though that’ll be working alongside Oswald Cobblepot, and that’s the part that’s been earmarked for The Last Jedi star? Only time will tell, but feel free to begin the speculation.

One of many DC and WB projects currently in the works, The Batman is presently eyeing a 2020 launch window, and should the early 2019 production start date hold true, we’ll probably start to receive some firm casting details in no time at all.