Last Night In Soho Photo Teases Edgar Wright’s New Horror Movie

Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright’s movies have always boasted a strong following, but you could make the argument that he didn’t truly break through into the mainstream until Baby Driver was released. His Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy consists of three individually phenomenal films that scored widespread praise from audiences and critics, but the biggest earner of the trio was Hot Fuzz with a global haul of $80 million.

Of course, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a well established cult classic that’s also one of the most visually dazzling and severely underrated comic book adaptations of the modern era, but it was a major box office bomb that didn’t come anywhere close to recouping the $85 million budget. However, after the incredibly inventive Baby Driver raced to over $226 million in theaters and scooped three Academy Award nominations, fans were eager to see what Wright tackled next.

The answer was psychological horror, with Last Night in Soho now set for release in April having been delayed for seven months as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Plot details are vague, but so far we know there’s a time travel element that sees Anya Taylor-Joy’s Sandy wind up in 1960s London, where she encounters her idol before things soon take a turn for the worse. And while we’re still waiting on a trailer, a new image has been revealed this week that shows The Queen’s Gambit star enjoying the Swinging Sixties, which you can see below.

Last Night in Soho marks the final film appearances of former Bond Girls and 60s icons Diana Rigg and Margaret Nolan, both of whom have passed away since production wrapped, but with the fast-rising Taylor-Joy and Jojo Rabbit‘s Thomasin McKenzie in the lead roles, the new generation will no doubt step up to the plate in suitably groovy fashion.