Latest Dunkirk Trailer Tease Is A Ticking Time Bomb


Another day, another Dunkirk teaser designed to drum up excitement in anticipation of Friday’s grand trailer reveal. It’ll cap off a rather hectic week on the trailer front, and today alone we were treated to first-look promos for both The Dark Tower and Marvel and Netflix’s long-brewing team-up series, The Defenders.

They’re both due to hit screens big and small come August, but for many, July belongs to Christoper Nolan’s Dunkirk, a WWII epic set to present Operation Dynamo on the biggest canvas possible. Ever the one to push the envelope – both in terms of visual storytelling and practical effects – the filmmaker reportedly treated IMAX cameras as though they were GoPros while orchestrating the film’s intense battle sequences, and Friday’s all-new trailer ought to showcase the fruits of Nolan’s painstaking labor.

As for this latest promo, it’s another one to add to the growing collection. For instance, whereas other snippets highlighted the sheer scope of the Miracle of Dunkirk – 400,000 troops left stranded in northern France, and that’s just one of the mind-boggling statistics – today’s teaser drives home the point that those Allied troops stared down the face of death 26 miles from home.

Dunkirk has been slated for theatrical release on July 21st. In the eyes of Nolan, it’s not so much a traditional war movie as it is a story of suspense, the human spirit and, ultimately, survival. Exactly how much suspense the filmmaker will be able to wring while operating under a PG-13 rating remains to be seen, but if anything, his decorated body of work (see: Interstellar, Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy) serves as a pointed reminder that, yes, he’s done so before. And rather brilliantly, we might add. In Nolan we trust?