Latest Ghost In The Shell Promo Awakens The Major


ScarJo’s titular lead wakes up to find herself in an artificial body in the latest promo for Rupert Sanders’ live-action Ghost in the Shell movie.

Visibly shaken following a terrorist attack (?), Scarlett Johansson’s character is then informed that her mind, soul and Ghost – that is, the essence that makes her unique – have been digitally transferred over to a new, man-made vessel, a process by which Masamune Shirow’s genre-defining manga gets its name.

Ghost in the Shell is on the verge of lighting up movie theaters the world over, and though there have been some contentious issues in the build-up to release – namely those scathing allegations of whitewashing what is essentially an iconic Japanese IP – there’s a hint of cautious optimistic reverberating around the Internet in anticipation of March 31st. Can that early buzz translate to a healthy box office return? We’ll find out soon.

Sanders’ upcoming flick is the first in Hollywood’s new wave of high-profile manga projects, which will also herald adaptations of Death Note – Netflix and The Guest‘s Adam Wingard are shepherding the live-action rendition – and Alita: Battle Angel, the star-studded actioner that recently made room in its ranks for The Fate of the Furious‘ Michelle Rodriguez. The former is without a release window, but 20th Century Fox has reserved a July 20th, 2018 release date for the latter.

“They took my life; I’ll take my revenge.” ScarJo’s one-of-a-kind synthetic will deploy into theaters on March 31st. Paramount has also locked in an IMAX release for Ghost in the Shell, and you’ll be able to find the movie’s super-sleek new one-sheet, below.

Ghost in the Shell IMAX