New Halloween Photo Finds Michael Myers Back On The Prowl


The ghost of Haddonfield is coming back to haunt us all.

We are, of course, referring to Michael Myers, Hollywood’s other masked serial killer synonymous with the Halloween franchise. He’s been dormant for quite some time (16 years, in fact) though Blumhouse and writer-director David Gordon Green have angled their sequel in such a way that it actually honors the 40-year time gap between Halloween and the original classic from John Carpenter.

That means no Curse of Michael Myers, no Season of the Witch, and definitely no H20, as Green and his creative team attempt to forge a sequel worthy of the Halloween name, which is a phrase we haven’t used in quite some time…

Hoping to change all that is October’s release, and thanks to the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (h/t Twitter), we have another sneak peek at Michael Myers doing what he does best – wielding some form of makeshift weapon as he stares into our very souls.

But rather than wielding a giant knife (or a collection of human teeth), Michael is pictured here with a series of old-fashioned bells. Assuming they make it into the final cut, chances are they’ll be used as some form of distraction, as The Shape begins hunting its prey once more – much to the horror of the Strode Family, which now includes Laurie, Karen and the young Allyson as played by Andi Matichak.

Halloween creeps into theaters in time for October 19th, and only then will we know if David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have left the door ajar for a potential sequel. Together they’ve retconned the entire series – save for John Carpenter’s seminal classic – so it’s not exactly outside the realm of possibility…