Latest Logan Stills Offer Up A Look At Wolverine And His New Enemies

A new batch of images from Logan have found their way online today courtesy of Empire Magazine, and they offer up another interesting look at what’s to come in the highly anticipated movie from director James Mangold. For starters, we get a shot of Wolverine chomping on a cigar, a scene which instantly brings the work of artists like Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. to mind.

Stephen Merchant’s Caliban also gets some attention here, which makes sense given that he’s by far one of Logan‘s most intriguing characters. Despite appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse, it appears as if this is a totally new version of the mutant, and with a comedic actor in the role, we still don’t really know how he’ll factor into the story (especially with so much confusion surrounding the timeline).

Elsewhere in the gallery above, some of the villains also get the spotlight, with both Zander Rice and Donald Pierce (both of whom are expected to have something to do with the creation of the young X-23) standing tall here. Someone who doesn’t look quite as ready for action though is Wolverine himself, as he gets manhandled by the Reavers. It’s clear that the clawed mutant isn’t as powerful as he once was, which is no doubt due to his age.

Now that Logan is right around the corner (the film arrives March 3rd), it remains to be seen how much more we’ll end up getting from it. Fox has already released the final trailer, and while TV spots are likely to arrive soon, the studio may be holding off on revealing too much in regards to the story, especially as this looks set to be Wolverine’s final big screen adventure with Hugh Jackman in the role and there are sure to be plenty of surprises in store for us.