Latest MCU Theory Predicts Ant-Man And The Wasp’s Ending


We’ve paid a visit to the far-flung nation of Wakanda and watched as Thanos scoured the cosmic in search of all six Infinity Stones, but for its latest release, Marvel Studios is downsizing quite dramatically.

We are, of course, referring to Ant-Man and the Wasp, which looks set to have a marked impact on Avengers 4 and the future of Marvel’s cinematic universe…for better or worse.

Adding fuel to this assumption is a new theory from Redditor NickTwix95, who claims that Hope Van Dyne, not Scott Lang, will be the one to reach out to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes following the colossal dust-up of Civil War. Not only that, but Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp may well be spared from the Mad Titan’s snap of doom, as her survival will help pave the way for Hank Pym to join forces with the MCU’s brightest minds.

Via Reddit:

Everyone’s been waiting for the moment when Hank Pym, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner (and Shuri too!) are finally all on screen together making something to stop Thanos and reverse what he’s done. However, why would MCU Hank Pym want to do that? He’s very stubborn, and has a lot of mistrust for the Stark family after Howard Stark tried to replicate the Pym Particles.

This theory also suggests that Wasp’s omission from recent Avengers 4 concept art is less of an oversight and more of a Deadpool 2-esque bait-and-switch, allowing Joe and Anthony Russo to throw everyone off the scent as they begin incorporating Ant-Man characters into their 2019 blockbuster.

NickTwix95 continues:

“But NickTwix95,” You might already be pointing out “Hope’s death is what’s going to finally motivate Hank to work together with the Avengers.”

It just might be, but I don’t think it would. I think Hank is too stubborn for that. I think he’d just keep trying and failing to figure out the Time/Space properties of the Quantum Realm, and his disinterest in working with the others will keep him from getting input that’d force the breakthrough necessary. I think that Hope is not only going to survive Ant-Man & The Wasp, but she’s going to be the one to take Hank’s work to the other after his death-by-Snap because she knows that he wouldn’t do the same if things were the other way around.

Then again, we’ve seen from leaked set photos that Scott Lang will be rubbing shoulders with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes at some point during Avengers 4, so perhaps this particular MCU theory is a little off base. We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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