Latest Trailer For The Meg Serves Up Some New Footage


Warner Bros.’ marketing team has done a fantastic job so far of truly embracing the silliness of The Meg, Jon Turteltaub’s deep-sea thriller that resurrects a long-dormant monster in the megalodon.

Standing in its way, of course, is Jason Statham’s gruff diver Jonas Taylor, who can be seen journeying through hell and high water in today’s new trailer. As you’ve surely heard, he’s on a collision course with a 95-foot-long prehistoric shark, which hasn’t roamed this planet for millennia. And yet, one particularly stubborn beast has somehow managed to avoid the jaws of extinction, and begins chomping on anyone (and indeed anything) between it and the mainland. Close the beaches, folks, it’s no longer safe to go in the water…

Joined by a Chinese oceanographer (Winston Chao) and his daughter Suyin (Li Bingbing), Statham’s deep sea diver soon finds himself caught up in a mission to stop the unstoppable, which seems to involve trapping the super-sized shark in some form of harness and praying that its super-sized jaws can be contained.

Though a lot of this we’ve seen already, this latest trailer does contain a few slivers of new footage from the adaptation of Steve Alten’s New York Times bestselling book, Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, and is certainly enough to have us eagerly counting down the days until we can sit down to watch what’ll no doubt become our next guilty pleasure.

Because let’s face it, summer isn’t the same without an excellent subaquatic fright flick, whether it be Steven Spielberg’s trendsetting 1975 release Jaws, Alexander Aja’s nauseatingly gory Piranha 3D, or Jaume Collet-Serra’s surprisingly sturdy The Shallows. For some reason, we just love watching man-eating marine life do the deed, namely chomping on a chunk of human viscera, and in that respect, The Meg definitely looks like it’ll deliver the goods.