Laurie Is Haunted By Past Trauma In New Halloween Clips


While the new Halloween may have ditched the sibling twist from previous sequels in the slasher series, family still looks to play an important part in this upcoming horror flick. In particular, actress Jamie Lee Curtis has previously implied that the relationship between Laurie Strode and her granddaughter Allyson forms a central part of the drama.

The youngest Strode is played by Andi Matichak, and both she and Curtis clash in one of two new clips released for David Gordon Green’s film. In this short but revealing video, Allyson pushes Laurie to finally get over the trauma of the night she was attacked by Michael Myers. But while Laurie acknowledges that her ongoing concern has harmed her relationship with her daughter Karen, she says that she doesn’t care if Karen hates her, so long as she’s been successfully prepared for Michael’s return.

This second clip offers a flipside to Allyson’s insistence that Laurie moves on, as a documentary crew encourages her to meet with Michael one more time. Apparently, no one has been able to get much of a response out of this silent, incarcerated killer, but as the last person that Michael tried to kill before he was sent to prison, the team feels that Laurie could be the one to get him talking.

At this point, it’s no spoiler to say that Michael doesn’t stay in prison for much longer, and that Laurie and her family will soon be confronted with the same trauma that Curtis’ character faced forty years ago. What remains to be seen is who will survive this frightful October night, and if there’ll be any Strodes left to star in the film’s almost inevitable sequel.

We’ll see how well Laurie’s prepared herself and her family for Michael’s homecoming when Halloween comes out on October 19th.

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